• The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister Designate and The Most Honourable Mrs Holness (and Family)
  • Floyd Morris representing the Leader of the Opposition , Dr Peter Phillips and Mrs Morris
  • The Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, Former Governor-General
  • Mr Bruce Golding, Former Prime Minister and Mrs Golding
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Bryan Sykes, Chief Justice
  • Your Excellency Carlos Alberto Den Hartog, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
  • Pastor Everett Brown, President, Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists
  • Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, Chief of Defence Staff
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, representing the Commissioner of Police
  • Your Worship the Mayor of Kingston and St Andrew, Councillor Delroy Williams
  • Earl Jarrett, Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica
  • Other specially invited guests
  • Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen



We meet today to signal the start of a new phase in the life of our nation. Thank you for joining us live for this ceremony on all the multimedia platforms.

I begin by extending formal congratulations to the Prime Minister Designate whom his Parliamentary Colleagues and the people of Jamaica have chosen once again for this high office.
Our country is blessed with traditions and systems which allow for good order in the governance of the nation, and the preservation of respect for the voice of our citizens; and Mr. Andrew Holness has once again earned the right to be the Head of the Government of Jamaica.

It could be said of him that one good term deserves another. It could also be said that higher authority than exists on the human plane, has divinely ordained that he should be placed where he is today.
His record of service thus far may impel the Jamaican community to recall two utterances which can serve as inspiration to this generation.

The first is from a Letter to Timothy, written by Paul: “Let no one look down on your youth, but be an example …in speech, in love, in faith and in purity.”
The second is attributed to a more modern philosopher Benjamin Franklin, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

I hardly need to remind our Honourable Prime Minister Designate that Jamaica which is described as an “island paradise” does not escape the stresses and distresses of a world in economic and social turmoil. Therefore, we share in prayer for God’s blessings on him, confident that his faith will indeed be a shield which protects, and that his energy and commitment will ensure his success in leading the government for the betterment of the Nation.

I also warmly congratulate his dear wife, who makes her own contribution to national development, while providing the support to her husband Prime Minister, at the same time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our country is in good hands, and our democracy works for us. One of the institutions of which we are very proud and which works well, is the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, chaired by Mr. Earl Jarrett and the Electoral Office led by Mr. Glasspole Brown, who marshalled 30,000 election day workers, 7,000 of whom were sanitizers in 6,975 polling stations at 2,200 locations, to facilitate voting as safely as possible!

I commend the Commission for a job well done!

It is incumbent on all our citizens, elected public officials, members of the voluntary and private sectors to pull together, especially in these testing times, so that indeed Jamaica may, under God, continue to develop, not only for us here, but in response to our commitment to the whole human race.

Thank you.