Statement on the Passing of the Hon Sameer Younis, OJ

I join with Jamaicans from all occupations in expressing sympathy to the family of the Honourable Sameer Younis who passed yesterday, September 1, 2019.

Mr. Younis will always be remembered not only for his business acumen and his professional achievements but also for his genuine concern for people, his willingness to volunteer assistance, and his resistance to self-promotion of any kind.

Despite his range of business interests and his national prominence as a private sector giant, in many ways he operated under the radar, being genuinely concerned to make a sustainable difference in the lives of those whom he assisted

The communities in which his businesses are located can confirm the character and impact of his relationship with them. He has left us a legacy of principled, selfless support and service to community and nation.

I trust that the work and worth of this outstanding Jamaican will continue to inspire those whose lives he has touched.  May we all recognize not only the physical and institutional monuments, which he created, and the causes which he served but also his inner virtues.  He never lost sight of the fact that all significant positive developments begin in the hearts and minds of persons of virtue.  Sameer Younis truly modelled that understanding.