350 Years of Service – A Postal Agency poised for Transformation

Guided by their mission statement to drive “Transformation through Innovation”, the leadership of the Jamaica Post and Telecommunications recently paid a Courtesy Call on   Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen as part of their 350th anniversary celebration.

Three plaques, displaying the 350th -Anniversary Commemorative stamps, were presented to Sir Patrick by the team. The stamps highlight the method of mail delivery over the years and demonstrate the rich legacy and longevity of the Jamaican postal service.

Professor Felix Akinladejo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented   Postmaster General, Lincoln Allen.  Both the Chairman and The Postmaster General explained the significance of the postal agency in Jamaica’s history as one of the oldest postal agencies in the western hemisphere.  They noted the enduring relevance of the Organization and the important modernizing initiatives currently underway to transform and restructure the Jamaica Post.

Guided by a nine-pillar approach, Postmaster General Allen explained that the Jamaica Post has begun the digitization of its processes and provides significantly improved service to the Jamaican people through efficiency, accountability and transparency. He detailed that through the acquisition of an automated counter, slated for later this year, Agency’s capacity to sort, track and dispatch mail and packages will be significantly improved.

With over 26 million pieces of mail pieces being processed across their 237 locations in 2021 alone, Deputy Postmaster General Mrs. Sophia Hamilton-Brown placed the remarkable work of the postal service into sharp perspective. She explained in detail the extensive programme of initiatives to meet increasing logistics demand being brought to bear on the Post.

With plans afoot to increase human resources in mid-management positions and the continuous training of employees, the delegation expressed optimism for a future a fully-automated postal service that provides world-class products and services for its stakeholders. Importantly, fine-tuning the expedited services, including the popular Zip-Mail as well as their Next-day delivery service is high on the agenda.

His Excellency congratulated the nearly 2000-member team of the postal service for this milestone and for their tireless efforts in the receiving, sorting, and dispatch of mail.