Four Judges Sworn Into Supreme Court

Four judges, who have been appointed to serve in the Supreme Court, were sworn into office on September 13, at a ceremony held at King’s House.

They are: David George Batts, who will serve as Puisne Judge; Sharon Ayton George, Master-in-Chambers; while Sonia Bertram Linton and Vivene Juliet Harris have been appointed to Act as Master-in-Chambers.

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, who presided over the brief ceremony, congratulated the judges, noting that their appointment is indicative of the quality service they have given so far to the court system.

“This proves that our judiciary is equipped with persons, who possess the legal training, the requisite competencies and experience to respond to the increasing demand for justice in Jamaica,” he said.

He stated that they are more than capable of upholding the established framework of a fair and efficient system and the primacy of the rule of law.

“We expect no less from individuals, who take pride in their work and judgement and who are also conscious that the court of public opinion and the annals of history also judge the quality of your work,” the Governor-General noted.

Chief Justice, Zaila McCalla, who was in attendance, said each of the judges have been summoned to render greater service as they have performed well and have distinguished themselves throughout their careers.

“I congratulate you all and thank you for the service you have rendered to your country. Your appointment, in each case, is indicative of the tremendous confidence reposed in your ability to carry out your duties with the utmost competence, fairness and integrity,” she stated.

“I want to remind you that you are responsible, not only to yourselves, but to your profession and the people of Jamaica, to uphold the finest traditions of the judiciary. I charge you always, in the performance of your duties, to remember your position, who you are and what you are obliged to do or indeed, to refrain from doing,” Justice McCalla advised.

Responding on behalf of the appointees, Justice Batts stated that the judges are not unmindful of their responsibilities.

“Judges, after all, are guardians of the Constitution. It is the judge’s remit to conduct a fair trial within a reasonable time. My colleagues and I pledge to abide by the oath we have taken today and to do our duty always,” he pledged.