GG Lauds FFP For Its Impact On Jamaica

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has commended Food for the Poor Jamaica for the impact that it has made on the country and for its role in helping the people of Jamaica especially during natural disasters.  He was speaking to the organization’s executives during a recent visit to their corporate headquarters in Spanish Town on Thursday, March 12.  Sir Patrick said that when there is a disaster it is expected that Food for the Poor will assist with the recovery and this shows the extent to which the organization has been imprinted in to the psyche of the Jamaican people.  “This shows the way Food for the Poor has reached into the Jamaican culture and how people view the organization,” he stated.

The Governor General lauded FFP’s founder Ferdinand Mahfood for allowing the spirit of God to impress upon him to start the welfare ministry.  He said that since its inception people whose lives have been affected in a dramatic way have been given an opportunity by FFP to advance and live more comfortably.  He said Jamaica are appreciative of the work that the organization is doing in Jamaica adding that he hoped it will continue to be sustaining and sustainable.

Food for the Poor currently operates in 16 countries worldwide including the Caribbean with 97 per cent of all donations going directly to programme targeted at the poor.  In 2014 the organization brought 827 shipment of donations worth J$11.4 Billion in to Jamaica.  The organization has constructed 38,000 houses in Jamaica since 1982.