GG Unveils ‘Bold Ones’


His Excellency The Governor-General unveiled the 2014 Mobile Campaign of the Continental/National Baking Company’s ‘Bold Ones’ Initiative, on Friday March 15, 2014 at King’s House.

This project represents Continental Baking Company’s tangible marketing support for micro and small companies, less than seven years old, in the manufacturing sector. Each of the eight distribution trucks unveiled promoted one of the Bold Ones companies.

In his remarks, The Governor-General commended Continental Baking Company’s Chairman Gary “Butch” Hendrickson for this initiative which would contribute to Jamaica’s economic growth and development. He also congratulated the eight companies which would benefit from this Mobile Campaign for the next two years. Sir Patrick Allen then highlighted that the 2014 campaign was special for his I Believe Initiative, not only because of the IBI truck but also because one of the IBI’s founding Ambassadors, Ms. Lacey-Ann Bartlett, had joined the rank of the Bold Ones.

“Today, I wholeheartedly endorse the Bold Ones Initiative as one of the national projects which reflect the purposes and objectives of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence”, stated The Governor-General.

He noted that businesses were being confronted by serious economic challenges and would require entrepreneurs to be efficient, resourceful, creative and competitive. He told the audience that this would be particularly critical for micro, small or fledgling businesses whose resources are even more limited than those of established companies.

“It is good for Jamaica’s development when established companies like Continental Baking Company can mentor, support and share their expertise with smaller companies. Mr. Hendrickson shares my vision and belief in the ability of Jamaicans to put our country on a sound economic footing”, said The Governor-General.

Two important announcements were made at the ceremony. The Governor-General revealed that the Bold Ones would be allowed to use the IBI logo on the trucks, stationery, websites and other promotional material. The other announcement came from EX-Im Bank’s Managing Director Lisa Bell: the Bold Ones companies would be able to access special loans at concessionary rates.

Chairman of the Continental Baking Company Ltd, Mr. Gary ‘Butch’ Hendricks thanked The Governor-General for hosting the event at King’s House, the home of the I Believe Initiative. He said that the IBI theme was in keeping with his own belief that Jamaica’s development cannot be done by any one person but it requires a collective effort. He noted that the EX-Im announcement would be welcomed by manufacturers would welcome. Mr. Hendrickson also lauded the manufacturers for taking up the challenge: “We will change Jamaica’s economic situation -just give us a chance”, he said.

At the end of the ceremony Their Excellencies the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen visited each of the eight Bold Ones trucks and heard from the company executives about the company and their goals.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by staff members of Continental Baking Company and representatives of the eight Bold Ones companies, among others.