Harness principles and values of Girls Brigade – GG

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen said that as Jamaica celebrates fifty years of independence its development over the next half century could be secured by harnessing the principles and values that have been instilled in youth involved in the Girls Brigade movement.   He was speaking at the launch of Girls Brigade Month and Tag Drive at King’s House on Monday (Feb. 27).

The Governor-General said that in the 89 years of its existence, the Girls Brigade had given young women in Jamaica the opportunity to learn principles and values such as hard work, diligence, trustworthiness, honesty, dedication, patriotism and a commitment to Christ.  As such he said the Girls Brigade continues to function as a training ground for leaders who execute the motto by which the movement is guided.

“Continue to reflect and redefine yourselves. Honour founding principles diligently and respectfully so that those who come after you will be eager to participate and model your involvement in the movement,” the Governor-General said.  He also encouraged Officers and Brigaders to pattern the model of attitude and behaviour established by the Girls Brigade in 1923, so that generations which follow can see how the movement has influenced transformation in the society.

He said that with many youth organisations losing their membership creative ways are needed to reach more young people and to encourage their involvement in youth groups including the use of social media and information technology. “Don’t think that young people are not interested in what is noble and good,” the Governor-General stated.

Activities to mark Girls Brigade Month will be held in March under the theme” A chosen Generation – You are Royal.