Hear the leos roar!

President of the Leo Club of Kingston, Mr. Allan Carter, paid a Courtesy Call on His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen on Thursday January 17, 2012.  This was in recognition of the Club’s 29th anniversary.

The young Leo, who expressed his gratitude for being afforded the opportunity to meet with the Governor-General, shared with him some of the newest strategies implemented by the service club under his leadership.  According to Mr. Carter, some of the projects being pursued catered to the well-being of the young and the old. These, he said, included: visiting shut-ins, organizing and participating in cleaning-up projects for basic schools and assisting various organizations where possible.

Mr. Carter told the Governor-General that: “The Leo club has about 15 members and some of the Club’s projects will help potential members to understand what we are about so that they can be motivated to join in our activities.”  He further explained that his Club “…has begun to use social media as a channel for showcasing the projects and activities in which members have participated. Our goal over time is to supply national media houses with human interest stories that will help to bring exposure to our activities and to the work we are doing”.

The Lions Club of Kingston is the parent club of the Leo Club of Kingston. In keeping with the motto “we serve”, members of the Lions Club, who accompanied Leo Allan Carter, shared that they work closely with the younger group to ensure the success of their projects and activities, their personal development as well as that of the Club’s.

Sir Patrick told the representatives that: “The various service groups are having a great impact on Jamaica. Through their service, we will be able to have a more structured and well-minded society over time. I am extremely pleased with the Lions and Leo club members as they seek to inspire and motivate. Thank you for coming today and keep up the good work!”