Let Love Stem the Wave of Negativism and Transform Jamaica

His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General of Jamaica, has indicated his belief that the harbouring of negative energy is slowly becoming a deterrent in Jamaica’s transformation.  The Governor-General was speaking at the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast at the Pegasus Hotel on January 17, 2013.  For the past thirty-three years this national event has sought to bring together our nation’s leaders in business, politics, civic, church and other sectors of society in an attempt to foster unity and prayer for our nation.

Addressing an audience of over 300 persons, the Governor-General noted that “many of our compatriots are disillusioned or feel marginalized…Too many suffer from low self-esteem and see themselves as condemned to their lot in life…the negative energy generated by these emotions is not only injurious to the individuals themselves, but it weakens our social fabric, our sense of community and our country’s thrust for development”.

He further went on to say that “For Jamaica to be transformed, we must stem the wave of negativism. We must strive to reach the hearts and minds of our people, our best resource, through “love in action”…it is only love which has the power to cause that transformation”.

In reminding those in attendance as to what some of the requirements for transformation entail, the Governor-General stated that “It is the love that we have for our country and the heart, which will persevere in the most discouraging and difficult times to achieve our mission. Love can transform our most painful burden into our richest blessings”. He went on to say “… we all must engage at the various levels of leadership and in our communities, so that we may overcome the challenges that will face us in 2013 and beyond”.

Each year persons in attendance are asked to make a donation towards a charity identified by the National Prayer Breakfast’s organizing committee.  The Muirton Boys’ Home, located in the parish of Portland, was earmarked as the charity to benefit from this year’s collections.


Governor-General’s Speech