King’s House Statement on Budgetary Allocation

King’s House is a critical office within the Administration of Jamaica. It is the Office and official residence of the Head of State’s representative where he executes his legislative, ceremonial and community functions. The current King’s House was established in 1872 and was later fitted with an elevator that has been malfunctioning for the past seven years.

The use of an elevator at King’s House is of importance, given its role in enabling the disabled to access various levels of the building. Over the years, various proposals have been tendered to the Government, which provides King’s House with a subvention, to consider this line item in its fiscal allocation. This item has just now been approved in the Government’s 2017/2018 Budget.

The current vehicle in which The Governor-General travels in execution of his official duties is to be auctioned, following a board-of-survey by the Ministry of Finance which has deemed it unserviceable.

All other budgetary allocations for King’s House are consumed in expenses, namely utilities, salaries for staff and stipend for 14 Custodes, property management, stationery and office supplies. Over the years King’s House has evolved into a site of distinct historical value and requires proper maintenance for posterity.

Through his community and social functions, The Governor-General has instituted a number of nation building initiatives, involving youth empowerment, education and wholesome family values such as the ‘I Believe Initiative.’

In addition to its state functions, King’s House offers educational tours to schools, uniformed groups and Jamaicans in general, both at home as well as in the Diaspora.