Montegonians urged to preserve peace and stability in St. James

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has urged business and community leaders in the parish of St. James to reduce the monster of crime which threatens the peace and stability of the parish.  He was addressing a luncheon held at the Hilton Rose Hall hotel in the parish on Thursday (March 22) on the first leg of his island wide parish tours for 2012.  Sir Patrick Allen said that more than any other parish, St. James had seen significant growth and improvement since independence but warned that this could easily be erased if focus is placed on instant results and not on the foundations from which they were generated.

“You have identified your niche in nation building and contributed significantly to the major foreign exchange earning sectors. All this can disappear with the technological advances and the fast pace of activities around us,” the Governor-General said.  He said residents, business and community leaders should do everything possible to contain and reduce the monster of crime as the parish could not afford the residual effect.

The Governor-General said that by strengthening community institutions, the home, church and schools which can play a significant role in moulding the character of youth, important values such as respect, politeness, trustworthiness, diligence and patriotism can be reasserted. He further stated that by strengthening personal bonds and maintaining relationships despite the many challenges and demands on our time and attention, Jamaica could achieve another fifty years worth celebrating.

“Visitors to Jamaica believe in us, we must believe in ourselves. We must assist in building strong family foundations so that our young people can be grown in healthy wholesome families,” the Governor-General said.  He added that “Jamaicans must continue to engage youth in transformative programmes that will produce men and women who can contribute to a prosperous and peaceful nation.”

Sir Patrick Allen said that since 1962 Jamaica has achieved significant strides and has permeated the global community through culture and music, and produced an impressive number of scholars who have made outstanding contribution to international affairs. He said that over the past fifty years the country’s political landscape has displayed a matured democracy that elicits pride, has achieved dominance in sports and consistently achieved excellence and quality in education.  He therefore called on business and community leaders in St. James to recommit to objectives that will enable residents of the parish to remain humanistic regardless of external pressures.

The Governor-General’s official visit to St. James and his island wide parish tours are intended to rekindle a sense of pride, confidence and hope in Jamaica and the activities that has made the country a great nation.    His tour of the parish included stops at Spot Valley High School where he toured the information technology and food and nutrition labs.  He also paid a visit to the Flankers Justice and Peace Centre which is celebrating its 10th anniversary and toured the Success Craft Market and the state-of-the-art Montego Bay Convention Centre.