St. Andrew Gets New Custos

Company Executive, Ian Forbes, CD, JP, is the new Custos of St Andrew. Mr Forbes was sworn in by Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen in a brief ceremony at King’s House, yesterday morning (January 31, 2022). Custos Forbes succeeds the Honourable Dr Patricia Dunwell, CD, JP, who retired in August last year.


His Excellency The Governor-General (centre) flanked by newly installed Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of St. Andrew, Mr. Ian Forbes, CD, JP (right) and outgoing Custos of the Parish Dr. Patricia Dunwell CD, JP.


The Governor-General observed that Custos Forbes was well-suited to the post and noted that he will be leading the Parish at a challenging time, but that the task is possible because of his ‘proven ability to manage large activities, mobilise individuals and achieve successful results.’

Sir Patrick said that Mr. Forbes has a history of outstanding service and probity; and his expertise and volunteerism have prepared him for his new assignment.  Custos Forbes will now represent The Governor-General, promote the values of The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence, lead the Justices of the Peace of the Parish, and direct other administrative and social programmes related to the Office of Custos.

Paying tribute to outgoing Custos Dunwell, Sir Patrick lauded her performance in supporting the Programmes of The Governor-General, appointing Justices of the Peace, overseeing their conduct and giving guidance to the execution of their duties.  He added, ‘I could not have asked more of her and I thank her for a job well done.’

In his remarks, Custos Forbes said it was an honour and privilege for him to be appointed to the Office of Custos and that he was committed to ensuring that the ‘highest levels of integrity, transparency and accountability are at the forefront of the execution of my duties.’

Custos Forbes paid tribute to his parents, whom he said instilled in him and his siblings the importance of honesty, hard work, discipline, loyalty, service and volunteerism.  The professional and voluntary organizations with which he has been involved over the years have also positively impacted his life.

Custos Forbes thanked Custos Dunwell, his fellow Justices of the Peace, and his family for their support.