Young Broadcasters Pay Courtesy Call on the GG

July 5, 2013/King’s House–  The junior broadcasters from the RJR radio programme “PickneyPalav” and Kidz Hub Media Network, who paid a Courtesy Call on Their Excellencies the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen and the Most Honourable Lady Allen yesterday (July 4), made quite an impression. 

The children, accompanied by Mr. Gerry McDaniel, host of Radio Jamaica’s “Palav” and mentor to the group, were invited to share their experiences, aspirations and projects.

The Governor-General has been lobbying for the empowerment of youth through his I Believe Initiative (IBI) – the values-based initiative that encourages Jamaicans, and youth in particular, to believe in themselves. The Courtesy Call paved the way for collaboration between the IBI initiative and the young broadcasters who continue to channel their talents towards a positive end.

Not only were Their Excellencies entertained by the exceptional drumming skills of Jhon Marc Prince on his Congo drum, they were also awed by the giving spirit of eight-year old Matthew Wilmot with his ‘Bustamante Box’ project. According to Matthew, his project was named after one of Jamaica’s national heroes, the Rt. Excellent Sir William Alexander Bustamante. For Matthew, the determination of Bustamante, in those times, to establish fairness in the workplace for minorities served as his inspiration to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  It is his hope that his project will  have a global impact as it inspires others to do likewise.

“I really wish I could have Bustamante Boxes all over the world so that we could help other kids whose families can’t afford to provide for them. I have three friends who are helping me with this, and I know exactly what I am going to do!” exclaimed the passionate youngster.

The youngsters were all congratulated by Their Excellencies for the inspiring work they have undertaken. The Governor-General stated: “Now more than ever, I am convinced that there are so many things that are right with Jamaica. What I have seen and heard here today has gotten me excited about the future of our country and I am convinced that our youth are going to be instrumental in this transformation.”

Much is still to be done in getting Jamaicans to positively re-channel their lives.  This will be one of the objectives of the “Palav” radio programme to be aired lived from King’s House on Sunday July 28, in collaboration with IBI.