Family Life Ministries Celebrates 30 Years

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has lauded Family Life Ministries for its invaluable contribution to the strengthening of families as well as the spiritual, moral and emotional enrichment of Jamaicans. He was speaking at the 30th Anniversary Dinner for Family Life Ministries held at King’s House on Saturday, November 1.

He said that from a small seed based on the truth that “the roots of a stable family go deep into the Word of God,” Family Life Ministries has blessed a significant number of persons right across the Caribbean. “We have seen Family Life Ministries at work in churches, in small group ministry, in marriage counseling, in education and training and in the media,” Sir Patrick Allen stated.

The Governor-General said that much of the challenges facing families lie in our cultural heritage in which most families are matriarchal, either with absentee fathers or fathers who are not significant actors in the lives of their children. He added that as the family’s influence diminishes, there is a concomitant increase in moral and social decay, domestic violence, crime and a myriad of other social ills. He also stressed that the economic reality has forced more parents into the workforce and that this was further compounded by the information technology revolution which has opened up gateways for negative influences.

Sir Patrick Allen said that all is not lost and called on Christian families to demonstrate that a closer walk with Christ can re-establish the family as “the foremost socializing institution of society, where parents understand their roles and children feel loved and secure.

He also had special words of commendation for the eight founding couples who were recognized for their contribution to Family Life Ministries. The couples are: Calvin and Angela Williams, Ivan and Dr. Faith Linton, Gordon and Grace Russell, Charles and Dr. Grace Royes, Dr. John and Vilma Keane, Arnold and Hope Aiken, Dr. Brendan Bain and Pauline Bain and Dr. Barry and Mrs. Beverly Davidson.