G-G Emphasizes Importance of Family at UTech Orientation

The Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has emphasized the importance of the family in building a good foundation for individuals, in a speech Monday (August 24) to the oncoming first year students of the University of Technology (UTech).

“The family must be re-established as the basic institution in which both parents inculcate values and attitudes in children and the youth,” The Governor-General told the students, as he promoted the current theme of his office, “I Believe.”

“As we contemplate the breakdown in family life, morals and values, I believe there is still some social reconstruction to be accomplished”, he said.

He also warned students against foregoing the values with which they were brought up.

“We should not sacrifice honesty, integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness for the sake of making money quickly; we must embrace the values that were taught to us, even as youngsters. Those values that will develop a just society and define us as a people; values such as respect, fairness, punctuality, forgiveness, sharing, caring and lending a helping hand and, I am sure, many of you were told by your parents, have good manners,” he added.

“It pays to be nice, it pays to be polite, it pays to be respectful and those qualities you should not lose. It is good to achieve your aims and objectives, it is good to make money and have things, but it is also good to stop a while and see if you have lost things that money cannot buy,” The Governor-General said.

He explained that these are values that should remain a part of the fabric of the nation.

“I urge you to remain steadfast to your goals in your pursuit of excellence, and I trust that your matriculation at Utech will be the beginning of a good life for you,” he concluded.

The event was a part of the university’s 2009 orientation activities taking place this week (August 23-29).