Garfield Green installed as Custos of Manchester

Businessman, Garfield Sean Green, was officially installed as the Custos of Manchester by Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen in a Ceremony on Thursday, August 29, 2019,  at the Northern Caribbean University Gymnatorium, Mandeville.

Sir Patrick said he was confident that Custos Green would do well for the Parish, as he knew it well, was well known, and commanded the respect of a wide cross-section of persons in Manchester.  “In accepting the  invitation to the office of Custos,  he  has indicated his willingness to commit himself to serve the people of Manchester; promote the rule of law, public order, and civic pride in the Parish;  swear in and supervise the execution of the legislated functions of Justices of the Peace ” Sir Patrick added.

The Custos represented The  Governor-General in the Parish, and Sir Patrick  reminded Custos Green that he would be expected to give leadership to The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence with its emphasis on volunteerism, through The Governor-General’s Achievement Awards and the I Believe Initiative.

The Governor-General said this modern function of the Office provided the platform for the Custos to help inculcate in young people, the values that would propel them to believe in themselves, eschew the things that were wrong about Jamaica, and embrace what was helpful to the country’s growth and development.

In his response, Mr. Green said he was humbled to have been asked to serve and was mindful of the responsibilities ahead.  He pledged to carry out tasks to the best of his ability.

Outlining the main areas of focus during his tenure, Custos Green said he intended to collaborate with key stakeholders to pursue programmes and initiatives that would inspire youth, families and leaders, help to generate excellence in Manchester, and create a more prosperous Jamaica.  He also intended to ensure there were adequate numbers of Justices of the Peace who had the requisite training, effectiveness, and professionalism to serve effectively.

Custos Green said it  he wanted  to “encourage all to know and respect the National Anthem, Pledge and Song; believe in our country, strive for better things and showcase our patriotism by being part of Jamaica’s advancement.”

The Custos paid tribute to the Justices of the Peace whom he said had contributed greatly to the development of Manchester.  He encouraged them to deepen their commitment and find solutions that would yield further successes.

Custos Green thanked his predecessors, the Hon Dr Gilbert Allen and the Honourable Sally Porteous for their guidance and encouragement.   Custos Green succeeds Custos Sally Porteous who retired after serving seven (7) years. The Custodes Act states that Custodes are required to demit office on reaching the age of 75 years  unless specially requested to continue in office.

Custos Green was invested with the Order of Distinction, Commander Class.