GG Launches New Parenting Initiative

March 21, 2014: Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen today launched “Parenting Jamaica,” a multi-media campaign which aims to transmit positive parenting messages to the society, in an effort to curb the problem of weak parenting in Jamaica.  The campaign is a collaborative effort between Family Life Ministries and the “I Believe Initiative” (IBI), one of the two arms of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence.

The first phase of the media campaign will centre on a variety of programmes to be broadcast on RJR 94 FM, Mello FM, LOVE 101 FM, HITZ 92 FM, NCU Radio and TBC Radio starting in April.

Sir Patrick Allen told his audience that many of the problems facing the nation have their roots in weak parenting.  “Since the family is the first agent of socialization, when the leadership from parents or surrogates is weak, our society suffers the consequences.  Good parenting should be a national priority, which is why I was very pleased when the National Parenting Support Commission was established,” he stated.  He thanked the managers and other representatives of the partner radio stations for their readiness to be host stations for Parenting Jamaica. He also applauded the Fosrich Group’s for their generous financial support in further demonstration of their commitment to building positive values in our society.

Dr. Barrington Davidson, Director of Family Life Ministries emphasised that “Parenting Jamaica” is a behaviour change programme designed to teach parenting skills to parents of every social group.  The campaign will use the book ‘Answers to Questions Parents Ask’ written by Dr. Davidson and Dr. Faith Linton of Family Life Ministries, as the primary source for addressing parenting concerns in Jamaica.

Other speakers at the launch were: Mr. Cecil Foster, Managing Director of Fosrich Group of Companies; Mr. Gary Allen, Managing Director, RJR Communications Group, who declared the Group’s commitment to the IBI, and Dr. Patrece Charles-Freeman, Executive Director of the National Parenting Commission.

“Parenting Jamaica” is the second parenting project of the IBI whose strong focus on values-based parenting had prompted its ongoing partnership with Jamaica Parent School (JAMPAS) for the conduct of parenting skills workshops in various locations across Jamaica.