Governor – General Encourages Revolutionary Training At The University Of Technology

His Excellency The Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen delivering the 60th Anniversary Distinguished Public Lecture at the University of Technology Jamaica, Papine Campus on July 12,2018.


Governor – General Sir Patrick Allen has challenged the University of Technology (UTech) to continue revolutionizing education for the Millennials whom the University will have to train for the 21st century.

Presenting UTech’s  60th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture on Thursday, July 12, The Governor-General observed that in this technological age, graduates have to be exposed to new efficiencies in the way in which persons communicate, provide services and execute plans.

Speaking on the theme, “Promoting Excellence to Enhance Development: Pioneering Past; Bright Future”, The Governor-General commended UTech for being pioneers in providing tertiary training in science, technology, and innovation.

Sir Patrick Allen pointed out that, “The education of the next generation must evaluate the impact of new technologies on our lives to ensure improvements and new inventions support our ethos.”

Commenting on the need for excellence at the national, corporate and personal levels, His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen emphasized the importance of the core values of excellence and the value of education as a basis for sustainable development.  “Each person has an individual and collective responsibility to promote excellence that will impact development. . . Leaders in the field of education have an obligation to promote excellence to influence the consistent application of core values in their lives, engagements and professional practice,” he noted.

Stressing the importance of the pursuit of excellence to enhance development, and ensure a ‘bright future’, The Governor-General said that Jamaica had a history of achieving and promoting excellence.  He urged UTech to continue building on the foundation of good ethics and technological excellence while identifying even more substantial ways to promote higher standards.

The Lecture is part of a year-long series of events organized by the University to celebrate its 60th anniversary.