JPS and Partners Credit Union Grants Bursaries

Back to school expenses for one university student and 30 others entering high school have been significantly reduced, having been awarded a scholarship and several bursaries by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited.

The presentations were made Thursday (August 19) at an awards function at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.

Speaking at the awards luncheon, the Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon Sir Patrick Allen lauded JPS and Partners Co-operative Credit Union for their contribution.

“The JPS and Partners Credit Union has been one of those helping hands for parents who are anxious to see how things are going to work out,” he said.

“I believe that for these young people, who are beneficiaries of your kind assistance, you are helping to bring a sense of purpose to their lives, laying the foundation for greater development in their communities and, by extension, our nation,” he said.

He commended the recipients and scholarship awardees for their success, encouraging them to maximize the opportunities presented to them.

“Many students are not as fortunate. Some have discontinued their studies while others withstand great difficulties and have triumphed over adversities to achieve their academic goals. You should therefore seize this moment because opportunities have a way of not returning,” he warned.

He also encouraged the parents to be positive role models in the lives of their children, stating that the home is “the first institution of learning” and the values they instill in them there will remain with them into adulthood.

President of the JPS and Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Derrick Tulloch, said the provision of bursaries and scholarship was one way in which the credit union demonstrated commitment to its members.

Mr. Tulloch noted that, since 1998, the credit union has contributed over $13 million to educating members’ children.

“We are very proud of this contribution to the development of Jamaica’s youth, and I want to thank our dedicated members who continue to support the credit union and who have helped to keep the institution solid, despite all the many challenges over the years,” he added.

The 2010 recipient of the Albert ‘Bertie’ Morris Scholarship, Jeanel Anderson, said she felt “elated and blessed” and intends to use the opportunity as a stepping stone to excellent achievements, and a ladder to even greater opportunities.

“It is heartening to know that JPS and Partners Cooperative Credit Union Limited still holds onto the value of assisting others to achieve their goals and dreams, especially operating in these turbulent economic times,” she said.

She encouraged the company to continue helping students in need, and urged fellow awardees to maximize on the opportunity, noting that there are many other deserving recipients who were not as fortunate and encouraging them not to waste the “amazing opportunity.”

Jeanel received $150,000 to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences at the University of the West Indies (UWI). She will receive the sum annually, over the three years of her course, providing she maintains a ‘B’ average.

The scholarship is awarded annually to a child of a member who is reading for a business, engineering or computing degree, at a recognised local university. The 30 other students, who recently passed their Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), received bursaries worth $12,500 each for high school next term.