Help Students Snatch Success From Failure

Sir Patrick Allen launches the Sponsor A Child Programme and urges everyone to support the educational initiative.


Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen and Patron of Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness, last Friday (Sept. 25) launched the Hands ‘Sponsor a Child Programme ‘ and urged Jamaicans to support this educational initiative so that children who have the ability but not the means may “snatch success out of the jaws of failure” and share in the joy of being educated. 


A beneficiary of Hands Across Jamaica’s Sponsor A Child Programme warms the hearts of those in attendance as he explains how the programme has been helping him in his educational pursuits. Evangelist Errol Rattray looks on with rapt attention.

“When you sponsor a child you are putting them into the light.  They will step out into a world of ideas and new experiences and they will never look back into the darkness again,” the Governor-General said.


Sir Patrick Allen shares a light moment with Evangelist Errol Rattray, Executive Chairman of Hands Across Jamaica Board during the launch.

He further stated that the programme is also essential to strengthening the values and attitudes base of the nation so that the economic goals can be achieved.  “We have so much negative around us but we want to lift ourselves above that.  There is so much that is right with Jamaica and this programme is part of what is right,” Sir Patrick Allen said.


His sentiments were echoed by the Hon. R. Danny Williams, member of the Hands Advisory Board, who related personal experiences from his interactions with students whom he has helped. He also encouraged Jamaicans to get involved in the ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme and make a huge difference across the country. “Words cannot express the fulfillment that you get from helping others and so my wish is for this programme to go viral across Jamaica,” he stated.  


The Sponsor a Child Programme seeks to provide financial assistance to students who have the ability to excel academically to help with the cost of transportation, educational materials, lunch and health care.  Jamaicans can participate by contacting Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness at its Acacia Avenue office in Kingston.